Experience You Need for Existing EDI System

DCS can help today!

DCS’ experience since 1991 with most of the 15 or so national EDI systems is that all follow the same basic design: similar processes, mappers, and administration. They are mature, perform well, and have the features that you need.  Tuning to make it work properly and with fewer manual steps usually suffices.  Most often, configuring it properly means that your EDI process can be smooth, reliable, and still economical; without the necessity of a capital expenditure.   DCS’ team of EDI Specialists are employees with experience on your EDI and AS2 system is ready today.

Second, we know how to configure your existing system while maintaining a professional relationship with their help desk.  We want to work with your existing system, we do not sell EDI systems or networks; our only interest is your best interest.  Yet, if a change is needed, our extensive experience with most ERP system gateways means we can show you the system or network that most reliably and economically integrates with your ERP system.  With our expertise, your ROI will be the highest and your users the happiest.

There are several advantages to seeking EDI assistance:

  1. Adding fields is swift because we know the pertinent files.
  2. Adding customers is largely setting the EDI profile and adding/deleting fields.  It usually takes about two days to add a customer.  We know the 800 top companies (and counting) EDI requirements.
  3. Adding documents requires a gap analysis based upon several files and processes. (Procedure changes are needed too.)

Here is a list of legacy systems with which we are familiar:


DCS is eager to work with you when you need your EDI upgrade to the current version. Our expertise is with EDI, so there is no conflict with your ERP system vendor; we do not seek non-EDI work.

Successful change requires no interruption of any business processes. Chances are deadlines are impending and progress is slow. To maintain the peak efficiency consider outside assistance from veterans.  Having performed numerous conversions, DCS can help you avoid a flawed upgrade and ensure your EDI runs smoothly with fewer manual steps. Our development service is time-proven for a smooth upgrade. The next step is easy, just contact DCS for your no-cost assessment.