Sustainability and EDI

EDI Automation Helps your Reduce Environmental Footprint

Corporations today are concerned not only with profits, but also with sustainability and the “green” image they project. Many companies have sustainability goals to decrease energy and paper consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

How do you fit these goals in with all the other corporate initiatives? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) projects are especially harmonious with sustainability projects. Here’s why:

  • EDI means process automation, replacing paper with electronic documents, and reducing errors. This can also lead to reduction in clerical staff and the infrastructure needed to support them.
  • An EDI implementation typically involves process re-examination – the same questioning of existing practices required by an effort to become more “green”. Companies ask themselves, “Why do we keep copies of inbound PO’s? Why do we have so many expedited orders?”
  • EDI can be implemented incrementally. These changes can be effectively and profitably put in place so interim results are apparent to all. This drives continuous, steady progress toward sustainability achievements, completely in line with your company’s profit objectives.

DCS’ experience can help you implement where both the ecological and financial returns are the highest. We can show you where seeds can be planted for the greatest long-term yield. We can bring in new ideas about operations from beyond the organization. Let us help you reap that harvest of cost savings, efficiency, improved relationships with business partners, and a positive corporate image. Join the “go green” movement and let DCS help you implement EDI today! Your first step is to request your FREE assessment of your EDI goals.