DCS Can Assist in Boosting Sales, Speed-up Processes and Cut Costs

Since 1991, Data Communication Solutions (DCS) has helped hundreds of businesses make the right choices. Since your business is unique, the combination of your experience and a DCS EDI consultant, exploring the many possibilities improves your budget preparation. Chances are you have looked at many alternatives and encountered choices. But which possibility do you choose and is right for your company?

How DCS EDI Consultants Can Help You Plan for 2014

Your business is unique so the changes you consider must adapt to the way your business processes occur. The best way to achieve sound planning is by getting expert advice. DCS can assist you with a:

1. FREE two hour assessment: a review of your current processes, problems and unmet requests.

2. Mini report: providing you with time estimates and priorities.

3. Budget planning: you will receive a sound estimate and an understanding of payback results.

Our team of seasoned experts has the EDI, secure Internet, and industry experience you need. Our assessments are sound and your return on investment can be measured in real dollar savings!

Our DCS GROW™ development service distills the experience of many EDI specialists and thousands of successful EDI projects since 1991, to ensure your EDI implementation is smooth and that your key customers are satisfied.

Proven Ways EDI Can Help You Improve Your Bottom Line!

  • Smooth and Automated EDI Steps – You have more time to scrutinize orders for correct prices and discounts.
  • Secure Internet Data Transmission (AS2) – Reduce the cost of pricey VANS by moving more traffic through the Internet. (About 3 hours per customer, after 8 hours setting and testing.)
  • More Customers – Change orders that are e-mailed or faxed to EDI, you reduce data entry time and provide more prompt order fills. (The time to add a customer for POs, Shipment Notices, and Invoices is about 4-12 hours for each customer; it varies widely.)
  • Web Forms – Sales Order data fetched from a Web form could come by EDI or XML and then automatically load into your ERP system.
  • PO Acknowledgements – Prompt notices of quantities shipped and the promised dates increases productivity. (The PO Ack. will be received and printed or emailed to them. The time estimate is about 8 hours for the first and then 2 hours each for subsequent vendor.)
  • Pick-up Notices – You are automatically alerted upon pick-up of inbound shipments. Your receiving dock and material planners can be ready for the shipment or call if they don’t get a notice. (The notice will be received and printed or emailed to them. The time estimate is about 8 hours for the first and then 2 hours each for subsequent.)

It is important that you first meet informally with the customer service, accounts receivable, receiving, or materials manager to learn their headaches. Then contact us for EDI solutions and a reliable estimate.

Planning for Sustainability and EDI

Corporations are concerned not only with profits but also with sustainability and the “green image” they project. DCS can help you plan the transition of implementing EDI. Click here to learn more.

DCS Can Help You Prepare

When you are ready to prepare for the upcoming season, your first step is easy. Just call your DCS EDI Specialist or email