When it comes to building lasting relationships, it’s all about trust, reliability, and consistent performance. In this case study, we highlight our decade-long EDI managed services partnership with a major oral health company and showcase how our partnership has evolved together over the years to meet their ever-changing needs.

The Challenge
Our client was in search of a dependable partner to manage their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). They needed a solution that would streamline daily operations, facilitate easy integration of future partners, and keep up with new mapping requirements and changes.

The goal was clear: find a trusted resource who could provide expertise to supplement their internal personnel for daily operations, trading partner onboarding, and general EDI functions. The company selected DCS based on our expertise, flexibility and scalability. And so, their journey with DCS began.

The Initial Task
DCS set out to simplify and streamline the client’s daily operations, which included automating repetitive tasks and eliminating recurring errors. Our focus was to complete this work without relying on custom programming, which could be costly and complex to maintain.

Ongoing Support
Once DCS had optimized the company’s existing system, we turned our focus and attention to monitoring and managing their EDI system, a task we continue to this day. This routine includes a variety of crucial tasks:

  • Send/Receive Checks:  Our dedicated specialist signs onto the company’s system each morning to check for any broken connections or processes, such as AS2/FTPS failures or late acknowledgments from partners for purchase orders.
  • Daily Operating Procedures: Our team diligently follows daily operating procedures to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Error Monitoring: Throughout the day, our specialist monitors the system for error messages and system alerts, which are promptly addressed by our team.

Repair and Support
Even the most robust system can go awry, when this occurs our team springs into action to address the issues. This can include:

  • Connection Repairs: Repairing failed connections, whether VAN, AS2/FTPS, or inter-application issues.
  • Document Repairs: Fixing documents including purchase orders, invoices, and shipment notices that encounter errors.
  • Development Tasks: Tasks outside of daily operations when requested, such as adding cross-reference table data or onboarding a new trading partner, are handled efficiently by our team.

Moreover, we provide on-call customer service, accounts receivable, and non-IT user support to assist with business solutions. This includes troubleshooting issues related to prices, part numbers, ship-to addresses, units of measure, standard packs, and kits.

The Results
Our proactive approach and expertise helped our client achieve significant improvements in their EDI processes over the past decade. We continue to be an integral part of their daily operations, providing seamless support and ensuring that their EDI system runs without a hitch. Benefits realized by the company when they selected DCS as their trusted EDI partner include:

  • Increased Efficiency: Automating repetitive tasks led to a marked increase in operational efficiency.
  • Reliability: Our early sign-on and constant monitoring means issues are identified and resolved before they can escalate.
  • Scalability: The client can easily onboard new partners with minimal effort, thanks to our streamlined processes.
  • Expert Support: Our on-call support and expertise provide non-IT users with reliable solutions to business-related issues.

Our decade-long EDI managed services partnership is a testament to the dedication and reliability that DCS brings each day. By consistently delivering first class EDI management and support, we’ve helped our client navigate challenges and achieve their business goals. DCS appreciates and respects the trust the company has placed in us; we value the partnership and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration!