The Business Need: A major baby products manufacturer based in California recognized that they had significant key person risk in their EDI operations. Ranked as one of Fortune’s Most Innovative Companies, their exponential retail growth required robust, scalable, and reliable EDI operations. Although they had a solid EDI system built by a talented individual, that individual was the only resource and there was little to no system documentation. A backup resource had been cross-trained and could run basic EDI operations for short periods but could not resolve major issues or make updates.

Knowing that EDI is critical to their customer relationships and business operations, in 2020 they partnered with Data Communication Solutions (DCS) to provide a quick, cost-effective solution for their key person risk.

The DCS Solution: The first step was to assign primary and secondary DCS resources to the client. Both resources have 20+ years of EDI experience and 15+ years of experience in the client’s specific EDI software, allowing them to get up to speed quickly. Assigning specific resources to every client ensures we can develop not only a good understanding of the client’s EDI operations but also of their business.

The next step was an initial assessment that included both system review and business process analysis to ensure EDI operations adequately met business needs. As part of the assessment DCS created documentation for both internal use and to share with the client for their future use. After making some initial updates and improvements, DCS began addressing the backlog of new customer implementations that had built up with only a single resource. Once the backlog was addressed, DCS settled into a routine of providing EDI support and development as needed.

The Result: DCS is now entering our fourth year of partnership with this client. During this period, the original key EDI resource left the company and the client’s EDI operations were able to continue seamlessly. The primary DCS resource simply took over their EDI completely with the secondary resource providing additional help as needed. So, the client’s goal of eliminating the key resource risk was realized and the departure had zero business impact.

Recognizing the value that DCS provides, the client elected not to hire a new internal resource and DCS continues to run their EDI operations for them, providing both expertise and redundancy for the long term.

Just as we helped this baby products manufacturer eliminate EDI risk, DCS is ready to find the best EDI solution for your business needs. Over the past three decades, we have worked with hundreds of organizations to solve a huge variety of problems. Our services include development, managed services, training, and support. Contact DCS to learn how we can help your organization.