EDI systems are the way to do business in the modern age. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), put simply, is a way to do business in a paperless world. All the data and documents are exchanged from computer to computer.

While there’s no doubt, the EDI process is streamlining everything about business data exchange, especially in the automotive and warehousing industries. But when things go wrong, they go very wrong. Don’t get caught flat-footed when you’re EDI gets you into trouble. Here at Data Communications Solutions, we’re here to help make us your first stop when you run into trouble.

But here are a few of the most common EDI issues that will come your way and how to approach the problem.

Data Security

this isn’t just an EDI problem; it’s an internet problem. From ransomware attacks on oil pipelines to a new age of wired, and therefore vulnerable parts of our life, internet security is the challenge of our time.

When it comes to EDI, that’s going to mean a hefty investment in security software. This can be pricey but necessary to ensure the sometimes proprietary information passing between businesses stays safe.

Format Issues

As EDI becomes more common, so do communication issues between companies. With so many EDI solutions on the market, chances are you’re going to run into two incompatible systems.

Fixing the problem can be an overwhelming task, but don’t let it overwhelm you. The most likely solution is going to be some data integration software that’s going to be able to analyze the raw data on your business document and translate it between formats.

EDI Costs

When everybody wants something, the price goes up. EDI is no different, and no doubt you’ve seen the prices of these systems shoot through the roof in the past few years. It’s the inevitable cost of success.

But the solution is going to be surprisingly simple. Maybe you don’t have to buy an EDI service for your business. Instead, think about outsourcing your EDIT needs to a vendor. This creates a middle man, but it also lets you get the work you need to be done, but without the cost outlay of implementing your own system.

Finding Errors

If you’ve ever worked with an online document, it can be a challenging and confusing process. The power of physical paper is that the user can go back and forth and find mistakes easily. It’s much more difficult with an EDI document.

Simple errors can balloon into unsolvable problems in no time, thanks to a simple box not checked or a simple missed initial line.

The solution is in the software. Getting a high-end error detection system can help users find simple errors and help get your business deals back on track.

Who to Call for EDI System Information

If an EDI system is in your future, or if you’re finding your EDI particularly cumbersome, then let Data Communications Solutions do the hard work for you. Whether you need to implement an EDI system or need EDI support for logistics and supply chain services, contact us for a no-cost assessment of your system. We’re here to help.

Contact us for a no-cost assessment of your system. We’re here to help.