The Business Need

Grote Industries is an Indiana-based automotive manufacturer. A long-term customer of Data Communication Solutions, Grote needed us to create a fast-tracked API solution for their customer, Daimler, also known as Mercedes-Benz. This was meant to replace an EDI process that Daimler was eliminating. DCS EDI specialist Ashley Fish handled the project.

APIs Explained

API stands for Application Program Interface. Simply put, they let one application “talk” to another application. An API consists of three main components:

  1. Procedures, which is the actual function of the API.
  2. The communication protocols the API uses to connect applications.
  3. The tools that construct new programs.

To learn more about APIs and how they relate to EDI, check out our blog post, “Your EDI System is for More than EDI!”

The DCS Solution

DCS created our API solution in Grote’s existing Cleo system based on Daimler’s original ASN (X12 856) data. We translated this data to the API’s XML requirements. We set up the web API call. This included certificate validation, authentication, and translating the ASN to the API call.

The Result

Thanks to DCS’ work, Grote no longer has to rely on manual entry through Daimler’s web portal. Instead, they can utilize the API to automatically enter in ASNs for their customer. This saves them significant time and effort.

Are you a Daimler supplier? Do you find their manual web portal to be too time-consuming? If so, DCS can set up an API solution to better automate your data exchange.

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