Setting up and maintaining a quality EDI system for your business is no small task. There are many challenges and questions you may face, including whether to hire your own full-time employee or get assistance from a third party. As with any business decision, cost is an important factor.

Data Communication Solutions’ (DCS) EDI Managed Services program is a cost-effective source of all of the day-to-day EDI support you need. Our EDI Specialists can perform all production EDI activities including general mapping, connectivity, testing, and monitoring of alerts and incidents. In addition to reduced costs, DCS EDI Managed Services will help your organization minimize risks and improve business processes.

DCS EDI Managed Services is a smart decision when you need extra resources, either to address a backlog or to supplement a skill set. It’s the perfect solution when you need some help but don’t necessarily need an additional full-time employee. Adding an experienced, objective resource also gives you the peace of mind that your system is running in the most effective way possible. In most cases, DCS is able to reduce the overall hours needed for EDI by eliminating inefficiency and errors.

One of DCS’ current customers is a major American baby product manufacturer. They’re a great example of a company who saved money by signing up for DCS EDI Managed Services instead of hiring a full-time employee. DCS helped our customer become more efficient by resolving issues and improving their system. After using our expertise to clean and fine-tune their system, DCS was able to reduce their EDI workload from full time to just 10 hours per week.

Our customer’s cost savings include:

  • $52,000 savings in ASN fines
  • $37,000 savings in FTE salary after two years
  • $154,000 savings in FTE salary after five years

In addition, DCS’ work resulted in overall improvements to customer satisfaction, supplier relationships, cash flow, and EDI backlog. As their Senior Director of Digital Technology put it, “Our DCS resource is doing a great job solving existing issues, working on improvements, and sharing her knowledge and ideas. We are very happy.”

Data Communication Solutions can help your company find EDI success! In addition to managed services, we offer development, support, and training. Over the past three decades, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies in a variety of industries. We also have worked with all major EDI systems. Contact us today to learn more!