Savor Street Foods is a Pennsylvania-based pretzel company. There was an error during their weekly AS400 system backup. They did an initial program load on their computer system. When the system came back up, their EDI wasn’t processing automatically through their Trusted Link iSeries (TLi). As a result, they were only able to retrieve their EDI data manually.

Savor Street turned to Data Communication Solutions (DCS) for help with their EDI predicament. EDI specialist Beverley Ramey handled the task.


The DCS Solution

DCS started by reviewing Savor Street’s EDI application. We verified that the application software itself was okay. The next step was to find out what was causing the programs to not process as they should.

We reviewed the job scheduler application’s jobs that were the normal daily process. In these jobs, we found a data area that wasn’t the correct status. This was preventing the jobs from running.


The Result

Thanks to DCS’ work, Savor Street’s EDI application is now running automatically. Savor Street documented the process we went through allowing them to address similar issues in the future. Their job scheduler’s data area has to be in a specific status at various times through the processing of jobs in order for the jobs to funnel properly.

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