There’s more to EDI than simply communicating what needs to be bought or sold. It’s also important to know the specifics of the shipment’s transportation. This is where the X12 753 transaction comes in.

The X12 753 EDI transaction is the Request for Routing Instructions. The supplier sends it to the buyer after sending the shipment information. It is sent two or three days before the shipment date.

The 753 helps streamline transportation by sending the shipment weight, volume, quantity, date and time, and location of pickup. It also helps the buyer control their transportation costs and how the inventory arrives. The buyer can reply to the 753 with the 754, which is used to communicate routing instructions to the supplier.

The 753 has existed for less than 20 years, making it a relatively new transaction in the world of EDI. Because of this, many companies have not implemented it. However, many organizations are starting to require it. It’s important to be prepared to implement the 753 in case a trading partner requires it.

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