The Business Need

Northern Wholesale, a long-term customer of Data Communication Solutions, is a Minnesota-based distributor of RV, mobile home, snowmobile, and marine products. They needed their business to become more efficient through more automation and less manual keying, particularly when it came to their exchanges with Amazon. Amazon’s routing process was done through their web portal and was time-consuming.

Northern Wholesale knew that as their business continued to grow, this process would take up more time. Therefore, they decided to implement the X12 753 (Request for Routing Instructions) and 754 (Routing Instructions) EDI transactions with Amazon.

The DCS Solution

In order to set up the 753 and 754, DCS EDI Specialist Dawn Stevens helped with the development and integration of the new maps along with testing on Amazon’s web portal. We got Northern Wholesale’s new EDI routing process online.

Northern Wholesale is now able to send the 753 from their ERP system. The 753 is then transmitted to Amazon with no need for manual entry on the web portal. Amazon can then send the 754 in response. This information shared through the 754 includes the date and time of pickup, the Amazon Reference Number, and other information needed for the 856 transaction (Ship Notice/Manifest).

The Result

Thanks to DCS’ work, Northern Wholesale is able to make use of an automated process which will help eliminate mistakes, increase efficiency, and save money. They now have more available resources to focus on other business projects and needs. Setting up the 753 and 754 with Amazon has opened the possibility for Northern Wholesale to implement these transactions with other trading partners should the need arise.

Do you want to increase your business’ EDI efficiency by incorporating new transactions like the 753 and 754? If so, Data Communication Solutions has the expertise you need! Since 1991 we’ve helped hundreds of customers in a variety of industries find ideal EDI solutions. Our services include development, managed services, support, and training. Contact DCS today to learn more!

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