Many companies initially implement EDI because they were being required to by a particular trading partner. After your initial EDI implementation, you more than likely started adding additional trading partners, EDI maps, etc. because you saw additional value in EDI. But, are you using it as a tool to manage your business as a strategic core-competency that can help your drive your business growth?

Now it’s time for the next step: being strategic about using your EDI for growth and profitability! As you continue to grow. it is imperative that you keep your EDI front and center in your business planning and budget process.

Integrating your EDI and ERP back-end system can save you money with faster transaction turn-around, reduced errors due to manual mistakes, a wider fulfillment window, and decreased business cycles. While an integrated EDI system has some significant up-front costs, the long-term benefits to growing business can provide you with a measurable ROI in a hurry.

In order for EDI to become a strategic part of your business plan, it must be a key component for both your long-term business goals and the goals of your IT department.

Things to consider are:

  • What EDI transactions should you add that you are not currently utilizing?
  • Are the current spreadsheets that can be automated?
  • Is your EDI part of your IT department’s disaster recovery plan?
  • Are you considering issues regarding security and access?
  • Are there modules with your ERP system you could add to become more efficient?
  • How are you currently managing your EDI processes? Is there a more efficient way?

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) offers a team of seasoned EDI experts and industry experience. We can help you navigate and understand the complexities and advantages of a properly implemented EDI strategy. We offer a no-cost assessment that provides you with sound review of your current processes, potential issues, and what your next steps should be so that you can become more strategic in the use of your EDI and ERP system. Your return on investment will quickly be measured in real dollar savings. DCS’  Development Service distills the experience of many EDI specialists and thousands of successful EDI projects since 1991, to ensure your EDI system is being maximized and that your key customers are satisfied. Contact us today and learn how you can maximize your EDI system for additional growth and profitability!