One of Data Communication Solutions’ long-term customers is an American distributor of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating parts and equipment. Recently, our customer needed our help in sending ACH files to their bank. To achieve this goal, DCS EDI specialist Beverly Ramey took the following steps:

  1. Set up the process in their BizManager application to retrieve the existing file from their system.
  2. Renamed the file to meet the needs of the bank.
  3. Connected to the bank’s FTP site.
  4. Tested and processed the file.
  5. Added an email to the process to notify the IT department that the file was sent.

Thanks to DCS’ help, our customer is able to use the electronic process of ACH sending instead of mailing paper checks to their bank. They get notifications on the exchange’s success and if there are errors. They save time by not having to wait for the mail.

Over the past three decades, Data Communication Solutions has helped hundreds of customers with EDI tasks both large and small. Our services include development, managed services, support, and training. We also offer a free assessment to help you find the best EDI solution for your organization’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about what DCS can do for you!