Since so many businesses supply products for Amazon, it’s important to keep up to date with their latest EDI updates. In their June 2020 supplier meeting, Amazon announced four new projects. These are Amazon EDI monitoring and Operational Analytics (OA), Vendor Central shipments experience, Born to Run (BTR), and inbound experience benchmark. In this post, we’ll briefly go over these features.


Amazon EDI Monitoring and Operational Analytics (OA)

This feature allows end to end self-service for common scenarios. You can track transmission and documents, drill into errors, and resolve the root cause. It also features hot linking with EDI monitoring emails. Other OA features include a new dashboard, redeliver functionality for documents sent to Amazon, and the renaming of “Failure” to “Issue.”


Vendor Central Shipments Experience (Collect)

Amazon has introduced a redesigned experience for booking and managing transportation in Vendor Central. This experience allows for increased visibility of shipments, the ability to edit your requested pickup date, the automatic entry of packing details, and confirmation of your shipment’s pick up date within minutes. The changes result in reduced steps, improved visibility, simplified communication, earlier and more accurate delivery date, and reduced delays and errors.


Born to Run (BTR)

Born to Run (BTR) lets users request orders for an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) by telling Amazon how many units they predict will be sold in the next ten weeks. Amazon will then review this submission and generate the order for the specific quantity. This is beneficial because Amazon will utilize these demand signals to drive purchase orders to ASINs Amazon is under-ordering.


Inbound Experience Benchmark

In the meeting, Amazon laid out how their receiving requirements differ from other retailers. The outlined their five steps to an inbound shipment experience: plan shipment, prepare shipment, deliver shipment, receive shipment, and manage shipment performance.


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