The Business Need

In 2020, Data Communication Solutions began work for a baby products manufacturer. They needed help with a variety of BizManager EDI issues. These included eliminating chargebacks, proper EDI monitoring, modifications of maps for compliancy, and reporting. DCS EDI Specialist Dawn Stevens took on the project.


The DCS Solution

DCS took a variety of steps towards helping our customer find EDI success. We immediately fixed their EDI errors and modified maps to make them compliant. We advised our customer to create mandatory fields within maps and made suggestion to further streamline their EDI process.

DCS also created PDF printouts for all of our customer’s inbound documents. We created documentation for their Order Management and Accounting teams outlining the process. We also introduced archiving of both inbound and outbound files. This split the files and added searchable document identifiers to the output file name.

Additional steps DCS took to help our customer succeed included the following:

  • Moving Oracle to SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), thus removing unnecessary FTP scripts.
  • Improving inbound services for the SFTP pickup of the Oracle files.
  • Changing the source ASN Oracle document definitions.
  • Reducing hundreds of process rules to just several, streamlining maintenance and helping with the troubleshooting process.
  • Documentation on customer setup processes.


The Result

Thanks to DCS’ work, the customer has fewer chargebacks with fewer errors. Due to the streamlined processes, they don’t have to spend as much time working on their EDI. The customer also benefits from PDF printouts and archiving for their documents. Finally, customer setups are simpler and take less time. DCS will continue to work with the customer in a maintenance capacity to streamline their operations and eliminate their key person risk.

Just as we helped this baby products manufacturer find EDI success, DCS is ready to find the best EDI solution for your business’ needs. Over the past three decades, we have worked with hundreds of organizations in a variety of industries. Our services include development, managed services, training, and support. Contact DCS today to learn how we can help your organization.


About the EDI Specialist

Dawn Stevens brings over 20 years of EDI experience working in customer support, mapping, data analysis, consulting, and implementation of software. Dawn is well versed in a variety of common operating systems, applications, and hardware with a proven ability to master new tools and technologies quickly. She is an analytical and solutions-oriented EDI Consultant providing client-focused technical support along with system implementation.