An Introduction to Cleo Integration Cloud

As you work to make your business succeed, keeping your B2B software running at its top potential is essential. Consolidating your B2B integrations under one platform is a way to simplify these processes. Cleo Integration Cloud is a platform that allows you to do just that.

Cleo Integration Cloud serves four main functions:

  1. Consolidate your EDI, ASP (application service provider), and file-based integration.
  2. Speed up your trading partner onboarding and application integration.
  3. Uncover insights to better resolve issues.
  4. Use dashboards to provide integration visibility for technical and business users.

Cleo Integration Cloud is utilized by companies in a wide variety of industries, including logistics and transportation, manufacturing, and wholesale and distribution. For more detailed information about Cleo Integration Cloud’s features and benefits, check out their website.

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) provides many of our customers with cloud solutions for a variety of EDI systems, including Cleo. We offer a variety of services, including development, managed services, support, and training. To learn more about finding the best EDI solution for your business, contact DCS today!