Volvo Announces PO Number Change

November 7, 2019
Tyler Anderson

Mack Trucks Inc. is a Volvo-owned production facility based in Pennsylvania. Beginning on November 18, 2019, they will send the Planning Schedule with Release Capacity (X12 830) EDI transaction via a new planning system (GILM). The transaction will be sent with a new purchase order number containing a specific suffix (-XXX) for each plan location. This will replace the Mack legacy (MFG) PO number.

Paper and EDI (X12 810) invoices must be sent to Mack Trucks using the new PO number. If you send an Advance Ship Notice (X12 856), it can’t contain both the new Mack PO number and legacy PO number unless you’re enrolled in Mack Self Billing System (ERS). Mack will send a complete schedule with the new PO number and communicate the first shipment to begin using the new PO number.

If this change affects your company, it’s important to make sure your accounts receivable, EDI, planning, and logistic support personnel are informed. To ensure this is done, you can email the relevant people’s contact information to Kelly Schwartz is also the person to contact with any questions and concerns for Volvo.

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