It’s no small task to develop and maintain EDI with your trading partners. This is especially true when your company is growing and you’re adding more customers. Thankfully, you don’t have to handle EDI on your own. Data Communication Solutions (DCS) has helped one of our current customers keep their EDI strong.

American Licorice first contacted DCS for help in integrating JD Edwards (JDE) with X12 210 (Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice) documents for their 3PL trading partner. To learn more about the initial work we did for American Licorice, check out our case study. Because the first partner implementation went very well, American Licorice tasked DCS with handling the rest of their EDI partner backlog. The volume of work was too great for their own EDI team to handle alone.

DCS has implemented ten new EDI customers for American Licorice over the past eight months and we will continue to work on more. Thanks to DCS’ help, American Licorice has the resources necessary to satisfy their customers, get better value from their EDI system, and let their internal team concentrate on daily operations.

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