Keeping Your EDI Strong After Losing a Key Person

Is the bulk of your company’s EDI knowledge in the hands of just one employee? If this is the case, what will happen if you lose this employee? This predicament is known as Key-Person Dependency.

A key-person has a specific skill set which is important to the company. They have most likely spent a lot of time at the company and made valuable contributions. If others at the company have questions or concerns about EDI, they are the go-to person for finding information and solutions.

The key-person has accumulated important tacit knowledge when it comes to EDI. Tacit knowledge refers to knowledge that exists in the person’s own mind. If the key-person leaves the company, the EDI expertise leaves with them. This departure can lead to serious EDI disruptions, hurting your business.

Needless to say, it’s important to have a plan to keep your EDI running smoothly long into the future. No key-person will be able to stay at the company forever. If you’re concerned about the effects of Key-Person Dependency, you’ll need to ensure that your EDI can remain in good hands. This is where Data Communication Solutions (DCS) comes in.

By working with Data Communication Solutions, you gain access to a reliable team of EDI experts. One of your options is to sign up for our EDI Managed Services. This program offers all of the day-to-day EDI support you need, ensuring that you’re not just relying on one person at your company to maintain your EDI. We also offer an assessment and thorough documentation to ensure easily accessible information.

Data Communication Solutions will help you find a long-term EDI solution, even if you lose an important person. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your company.