Data Communication Solutions Partners with 1 EDI Source™

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) is proud to announce that we have partnered with 1 EDI Source (recently purchased by Epicor). This allows us to offer an additional EDI translator to companies looking to add EDI. 1 EDI Source offers a full suite of innovated EDI software that can handle a variety of tasks reliably and cohesively, automating and integrating B2B transactions. Products include:

  • HQXChange™: A single comprehensive EDI Platform that includes advanced EDI mapping and translation, complete visibility to transactions, and assured full compliance with trading partners. HQX bundles their EDI HQ, IX and AS2 Complete.
  • HQ: This industry-leading EDI mapping and translation solution gives you full control of your EDI operations.
  • IX: An easy-to-implement visibility tool with any EDI translator for streamlined access of your organization’s B2B operational supply chain and invoicing process throughout the entire organization that users can easily understand.
  • ManagedXchange® (MX): 1 EDI Source’s fully-managed cloud-based solution.
  • PartnerXchange(PX): A highly intuitive cloud and web-based EDI solution designed for small to medium sized businesses and caters to users with little to no EDI experience.
  • AS2 Complete: Provides a full compliance data encryption solution for the AS2 specification, making it easy to communicate secure EDI and other data, create and manage certificates, and handle data encryption and decryption.


DCS is also partners with several other leading EDI software solutions including: IBM (Gentran™, Sterling B2B Integrator™, OpenText™ (BizLink™, BizManager™, Trusted Link™), Microsoft (BizTalk™) Dell Boomi, and Cleo®. We take an unbiased approach so that we can recommend the best EDI solution to meet your company’s growing needs.

Whether you are just getting into EDI or looking to upgrade your existing EDI, DCS can help you make the right decision, with our no-cost two-hour assessment or we can come on-site for an in-depth analysis of your business processes.

Since 1991, Data Communication Solutions (DCS) has been providing customers with solid EDI solutions to a wide-range of industries throughout United States and Canada.  DCS works with the leading EDI systems to help you overcome your EDI challenges whether classical EDI (X12 or EDIFACT) or standardized XML (GS1 or OAGi). DCS EDI Consultants have successfully installed, mapped, and operated nearly all EDI systems. Our services include EDI development, EDI Managed Services, Support and Training. Contact us today!