As you work with Gentran Director or Server, you might encounter “stuck documents” – in other words, documents that are unable to move anywhere. These may appear greyed out or with an asterisk in front of them. If you’re having this issue, here are some steps you can take.

In Gentran, go to View > Processing. The Processing queue shows the documents that Gentran is currently stuck on. These documents could have issues with the data in them. It’s also possible that Gentran was interrupted while trying to process them and could not recover.

Highlight these documents and click “Reset” to stop Gentran from trying to process them. Then, return to the original document window (In drawer or In Box) and manually process the documents from there. If they go back to the “Processing” queue after this, that means there is a fatal error in the document. You’ll probably need to bring a new document back intro Gentran which may mean asking your partner to resend.

If the documents in question are not in the Processing queue, they can likely be reset by stopping Gentran services and rebooting the server.  Services must be stopped in this order: Gentran Executive, Gentran Communications, Gentran Mailbox, and Gentran Audit.

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