Create Custom EDI Reports with DCS

August 1, 2019
Tyler Anderson

As your organization’s EDI needs evolve, you may find you need better visibility into your system to ensure you’re getting the most out of your EDI. Do you know exactly what documents are processing through your system and are you certain they were successful? EDI systems have varying levels of built-in reporting so in order to accomplish this, you’ll likely need some help along the way. Data Communication Solutions (DCS) recently created custom EDI reports for one of our clients in the food and beverage industry. We can do the same for you!


Four custom reports to help your organization succeed:

  1. Purchase Order Discrepancy Report: Use this report to confirm that all of your EDI purchase orders were not just received, but also successfully imported into the ERP and processed as valid sales orders.
  2. Invoice Discrepancy Report: This report confirms that all invoices were successfully extracted from your ERP and sent via EDI.
  3. Custom CSV Report: This makes third party warehouse documents (X12 940, 945, 943, 944, and 947) available in Excel so additional users can review data.
  4. Executive Summary Report: Take advantage of this report to create custom interactive versions of all reports so users can review the data in a graphic format and get general or very detailed information, according to their specific needs.


Creating custom reports like the above is just one of the ways DCS finds the best EDI fit for each of our clients. Our team of experienced EDI specialists offers services including developmentmanaged servicessupport, and training. To learn more about how we can help your organization succeed, contact us today!