OpenText to Retire BizManager 3.3

July 18, 2019
Tyler Anderson

OpenText has announced the introduction of the latest version of BizManager, version 16. Version 16 is being released gradually, and will be fully official in 2020. Version 16 will continue to bring you the benefits you’ve come to expect from BizManager while also expanding on them. To learn more about BizManager version 16, you can check out this video and article on OpenText’s website.

Coinciding with this release, OpenText will be phasing out BizManager version 3.3 by the end of the year. If your organization uses this version, it is important to plan ahead. While version 16 is not yet available to everyone, you can upgrade your BizManager software to version 4.0 to ensure that your processes will continue to run smoothly.

Data Communication Solutions is ready to help you upgrade your BizManager software. We have a long history of working with BizManager and other OpenText products. We are reviewing the version 16 software to ensure that you have a successful transition. To learn more about what we’ve accomplished in this area, check out our OpenText page. Contact DCS today to find out how we can provide the best EDI solution for your business.