Data Communication Solutions has helped many companies find the best EDI solutions. Over the course of our work with a client, one of our EDI specialists helped out a company we had never even worked with before.

In January 2019, a major food redistribution company updated their SHA1 certificate. The update was set to go into effect the following Monday. They sent the information out to their trading partners, including a DCS client. Upon opening and installing the certificate, DCS EDI specialist Dawn Stevens noticed that it was an SSL Client and SSL Server Auth with encryption and signature. These types of certifications are typically used for an HTTPS URL. However, the company was using an HTTP URL.

Because of this discrepancy, the company would have had significant communication issues when the certificate went live the following Monday. Thanks to Dawn’s close observation and time spent explaining the issue to the company, they were able to address the issue in time. They decided to create a new certificate and send it out.

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