3M Making Changes to EDI Documents

February 18, 2019
Tyler Anderson

3M has announced important changes to their 850 and 860 EDI documents. These changes will impact the N1 loops and will go into effect on March 14, 2019. If your company exchanges EDI documents with 3M, it’s important to keep this date in mind and know if you need to take action.

3M has provided the following information to let their trading partners know the details of the changes and what action to take:


ANSI – Changes to 850-PO and 860-PO Change documents

  1. New REF segment will be added as part of the ST N1 loop (at both header and line)
  2. Qualifiers will be VX (VAT) and 61 (Tax Authority ID). 

N1*ST*3M Brockville – Tape*92*20001000~
N4*BROCKVILLE*ON*K6V 5W1*CA*34*Company~
REF*VX*VATID~  (if applicable for your country)



Supporting Documentation

Copies of the updated ANSI guidelines may be downloaded from the 3M Supplier Direct website – details below.

  1. Go to:
  2. Select your preferred Location/Language
  3. Select menu options >> Suppliers > Source to Pay Transactions => Electronic Data Interchange
  4. View or download the required document/s


Action Required

Please respond by reply to to acknowledge these changes and confirm that any appropriate action, that may be required on your side, is being taken to have these changes in place by March 14, 2019.

For 3M-specific technical support related to this eCommerce mapping change, contact:

For general questions related to 3M Business etc:

  • Please contact your 3M Representative


As you prepare to take the necessary actions to adjust to 3M’s changes, you might need some help along the way. This is where Data Communication Solutions (DCS) comes in. Contact us today to learn how we can help you find the best EDI solutions for your business.