Fred Meyer Migrating to New EDI Platform

December 4, 2018
Tyler Anderson

Fred Meyer has announced that their current EDI translator is being migrated to B2Bi by the Kroger Company. The migration affects Fred Meyer and the Kroger Company’s internal application systems. That being said, EDI between Fred Meyer and their trading partners will not be impacted by the migration.

Here are the key dates to remember for different transactions:

  • EDI 812: migration date December 4, 2018; sample interchange control #812000001
  • EDI 830: migration date December 10, 2018; sample interchange control #830000001

Fred Meyer asks that trading partners take note of anything out of the ordinary when it comes to their EDI. Questions about the change can be sent to In addition, Data Communication Solutions (DCS) is ready to help make sure you’re still getting the best EDI for your business as this is happening.