The Business Need

Atlantic Natural Foods is a North Carolina-based producer of plant-based proteins. They first contacted Data Communication Solutions (DCS) for help with EDI mapping in Cadacus for Syspro. Ultimately, however, they chose to move all of their servers. DCS was tasked with moving Atlantic Natural Foods’ communication software, Lexicom, including all of its settings. We also had to make sure Syspro EDI was up and running with any path changes made as needed. DCS EDI specialist Dawn Stevens was in charge of the project.


The DCS Solution

In order to help Atlantic Natural Foods achieve their goals, DCS took the following steps:

  • We created the instruction documents for all of the steps for moving Lexicom. These included how to get a temporary license and then how to proceed with the production license on the day the system went live.
  • We were responsible for the new install of Lexicom and the importing of all settings.
  • We contacted trading partners for URL changes, updated web portals for several other trading partners on the go-live date, and monitored for successful connections.
  • We got Lexicom up and running, including doing actual communication tests to the server before the go-live.
  • We changed the path for the EDI files to be picked up and dropped off by Syspro.
  • We tested with the Syspro EDI server to ensure Cadacus was working on the new systems and fixed any issues.
  • We made the necessary URL changes on the go-live date.


The Result

Thanks to DCS’ work, Atlantic is now operating on their new server with Syspro, Cadacus, and Lexicom. We will continue to work with Atlantic moving forward as they set up a new warehouse and add new trading partners.

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About the Specialist

Dawn Stevens brings over 20 years of EDI experience working in customer support, mapping, data analysis, consulting, and implementation of software. Dawn is well versed in a variety of common operating systems, applications, and hardware with a proven ability to master new tools and technologies quickly. She is an analytical and solutions-oriented EDI Consultant providing client-focused technical support along with system implementation.