Target Migrating All AS2 Connections to Loren Data VAN

Target’s AS2 Public certificate will expire on November 2, 2018. It will be replaced on October 29, 2018 at midnight/CST. After October 29, 2018 at 12:01 am, your existing connection will fail unless you migrate to Loren Data VAN.

In order to avoid any disruption in service, migrate your AS2 connection to the Target VAN, Loren Data, ASAP. Target and Loren Data have attempted to communicate to vendor organizations over the last several months, so look for these communications if this is new information to you. Vendors need to proceed with the migration to avoid any connection disruption during the upcoming peak season.

This connection is free of charge and the Target/Loren Data teams have provided all vendors with a unique self-service link they received with an announcement email. More than 1,000 Target vendors have already successfully utilized the link and migrated to Loren Data. All of the information necessary to making this AS2 transition is included within this link.

If you need additional information please contact or ASAP.

This migration is applicable only for AS2 EDI transfer. If your company uses AS2 for NON–EDI or you are a service provider serving multiple companies, you should remain direct connected to Target for now.

If you have questions that Target needs to answer please reach out to:

If you have any questions regarding this VAN migration contact:

Loren Data at
Target EDI Helpdesk, (the ECSC) at 612-304-3310 (M-F 7a-5p)
Target EDI Email Address at

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