The Business Need

The Allen Company is an American manufacturer of hunting and fishing equipment. They had a unique situation on their hands. Allen’s customer was unable to send EDI purchase orders (850). However, they required Allen to return an EDI invoice (810) to them. Allen turned to Data Communication Solutions (DCS) to find the ideal solution to this issue. EDI specialist Rob Hollis took on the project.


The DCS Solution

To help Allen achieve their goals, DCS created mapping and configurations for Allen’s EDI invoices. We worked through data issues created by the lack of a purchase order. In addition, DCS discovered a more cost-efficient communication method for Allen. We found that Allen could avoid a monthly contract charge by sending EDI data to their trading partners using an inter-connect through their existing VAN.


The Result

Thanks to DCS’ work, Allen is now able to fulfill their trading partner’s unique request quickly and easily without disrupting their current processes. Second, they are saving money by following our recommendation of a more efficient communication method. Finally, their business is running more efficiently thanks to the small map changes for PO numbers that DCS proposed.

Have you recently been faced with a unique EDI challenge? If so, DCS’ EDI experts are ready to help you find the best solution! Contact us today to learn how are services can help your organization.


About the Associate

Rob Hollis brings extensive experience in dealing with multiple EDI software and ERP systems to DCS.  He is experienced with multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail, transportation, and health sectors. Rob understands transactions as simple as purchase orders to warehouse transfers. His specific skills include management of EDI maps, partner testing, customer contacts, contract negotiation, software installation, and configuration for successful back and forth.