No matter what kind of software you’re using for your business, it’s important to be sure that it’s up to date. This includes AS2. In recent years, many software companies have been making the jump from SHA-1 to SHA-2. It’s important to consider if your organization could be affected by these changes. In this article, we’ll explain what SHA is and which products will be affected by the change.


SHA Explained

SHA stands for Secure Hashing Algorithm. It’s used by most SSL certificates for the digital signature. SHA-1 is an older version of SHA. SHA-256, or SHA-2 for short, is essentially SHA-1’s successor. The difference between these two versions is that SHA-1 is 160 bits while SHA-2 comes in multiple sizes, the most common being 256 bits. SHA-2 offers stronger certificate updates and stronger encryption strength providing stronger security. SHA-1 was the SSL industry’s primary algorithm for many years, but its shortcomings led it to be replaced by SHA-2 in 2016.


Relevant Products

The Drummond Group keeps a list of AS2 certified products. The following are the most commonly used AS2 products, with the latest versions listed that support SHA-2.

  • Bizlink – BizManager 4.0
  • Alligacom – sp3
  • Sterling – SI
  • RSSBUS – RSSBUS Connect 2018
  • Cleo/Lexicom – Cleo v5.5

If you use one of these products, it’s important to ensure that you’re prepared for SHA-2.


How DCS Can Help

Do you need help with getting your AS2 software upgraded to ensure that it’s SHA-2 capable and more secure? If so, Data Communication Solutions has the expertise you need. Contact us today to learn how we will find the solutions for all of your EDI challenges.