3M Announces ERP Implementation Date

3M has announced the deployment of a new ERP system to be implemented in the United States. The company’s next ERP deployment is scheduled for August 2nd, 2018. It’s important for your company to make the necessary preparations for their cutover date.

3M has sent the following instructions regarding what to do with different documents you may be working with:

Purchase Orders:

  • USMMM format: continue to process these orders per your current process and eCommerce tools unless specifically instructed otherwise.
  • All Numeric format: new 3M purchase orders may be created beginning on August 2, 2018. If you are using an eCommerce tool which requires you to login via your web browser, please begin the new process on this date.  Review all new 3M POs carefully.


  • Shipments to the Distribution Center buildings located at 1650 Macom Dr or 12101 Barber Greene Rd in DeKalb, IL between July 24 and August 2, 2018 will not be received. Do not ship products for arrival at these locations during this time period.
  • If you ship direct to customers, please consult with your 3M contact.


  • Please ensure timely submittal of all invoices via eCommerce or to the proper address shown on the 3M purchase order.
  • The eCommerce tools and postal addresses for invoices differ between USMMM and All Numeric purchase orders.

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) is ready to help your organization through this change and others. For questions regarding 3M’s ERP implementation and more information on how to find the best B2B integration solutions for your business, contact DCS today.