Navigating E-Commerce EDI with DCS

Are your EDI efforts supported by the shoulders of giants, or trying to not be crushed as the giants move forward? Amazon, the established king of the e-commerce space, is stepping into retail with the $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods and a few pilot brick and mortar bookstores. Walmart, the long-standing ruler of box-store physical retail, has been stepping into the various parts of online sales, from home delivery by third parties, to loading your groceries to your car with a phone call, to their $3.3 billion acquisition of Jet. As the two titans dance across the traditional lines of retail and e-tail, vendors and consumers alike are constantly learning new ways to deliver product and shop with efficiency as the ultimate goal.

Both of these retail giants have a number of programs which allow vendors of various sizes and capabilities to enter both the physical and online marketplace under their banners. To be sure you are getting the best return on your efforts, it is important to know how the pieces fit together. At Data Communication Solutions (DCS), we work with vendors of all types to help them get online with as much speed as possible while keeping accuracy right on target.  With the massive selling platforms and vast distribution channels, it is essential to put away old-school paper and pen and begin and expand EDI capabilities.

With EDI, thousands of orders can be placed by Amazon or Walmart to their vendors in a single burst of data. If vendors have the right systems in place to catch and process those orders, they can respond with order acknowledgements, shipping info, invoices and payment details almost instantly.  Because the price to purchase, configure, test and deploy these electronic data systems is high, you want to be sure you have someone who has a proven ability to complete those steps quickly and accurately, so you can begin to see the return on your investment as soon as possible.


At DCS, we have been doing just that for decades. We know what the process looks like, from start to finish, and are ready to help you move from doing things by hand to completely automating the order to cash process. Over the years, each giant has added new requirements, and shifted their programs to improve efficiency, reduce time, and increase profits. With each change, DCS has been there to help our clients stop dodging the footsteps and reach the shoulders where they can better see where commerce is going next.


If you are currently selling a product but are tired of navigating webforms by hand and trying to react to every change, contact DCS for your no-cost assessment. We can help you decide which program is the best fit for your organization, and which systems will offer the best support. If you have already invested in new EDI servers and software but are struggling to get the most out of them, we look forward to hearing from you.

About the Author

Rob Hollis joined DCS in 2013 and brought to DCS extensive experience dealing with multiple EDI software and ERP systems.  He is experienced with multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail, transportation, and health sectors. Rob understands transactions as simple as purchase orders to warehouse transfers.  His specific skills include management of EDI maps, partner testing, customer contacts, contract negotiation, software installation, and configuration for successful back and forth.