Spring Training – Is it Time to Evaluate your EDI Team?

Spring training is underway! Major League baseball teams are deep in the process of evaluating their teams, ensuring that the right players are in place so that they can be competitive. Like professional sports teams, companies need to make sure they have the right players on their team to be successful. This is also true with EDI. You want to ensure you have the right EDI team on your side, allowing you to sustain your business model and be profitable.

There are many variables to EDI:

  • What EDI Software to use for your industry
  • Choosing the right gateway to use between the EDI and ERP systems
  • Ensuring your trading partner requirements are met
  • Selecting the right communication software, such as FTP, AS2, or VAN
  • More, from configuration of the XML or flat files to validations rules and beyond

All of this can be overwhelming. If the wrong decision is made, it can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Finding the best talent is hard to do. Niche EDI developers are tough to find because there are so few people in the United States that have the type of experience that can look at all the variables to EDI.

During the off season and prior to Spring Training, the baseball team’s scouts and general managers do a great job finding talent for their team roster. How do you find quality talent for your EDI team? The answer is simple: you call Data Communication Solutions (DCS) for all of your EDI and B2B projects.

DCS has over 25 years of experience working exclusively on EDI projects all over North America and beyond. We have worked with the major players in the EDI and ERP arenas in numerous industries and the leading trading partners. We have done all the scouting for you.

Don’t waste your time on the job websites trying to find talent. Make our DCS EDI Consultants part of your EDI team! We have the best EDI talent and can help you review the many variables to your B2B integration. Our team approach will give you that competitive edge you are looking for in 2018. Contact us today for a no-cost assessment.