Meeting Customer Expectations with Lot Tracing

In recent years, lot traceability has become increasingly essential in the procurement and manufacturing process to protect public health. If a shipment contains two lots of the same UPC number your Shipment Notice and Invoice must be changed so that two lines with the same UPC number can be sent (each line having one lot number). If your system is not configured properly, lot tracing can be a nightmare for any business. By solidifying your operations using proper systems, traceability can be your competitive edge and customer favorite.

For companies selling to mass merchants and grocers, e-commerce has brought other evolutionary changes that impact every traditional business process, including sending product expiration dates. Other emerging requirements are Wal-Mart Credit Memos and Dot.Com merchants need for daily Inventory Reports.

Fortunately, the same standard is used by:

  • Mass merchants
  • Grocers
  • Food service
  • Ingredients
  • Department of Defense

If you already have some customers automated, you should consider adding more, including distributors. The incremental count is low. Using EDI as the carrier of information to your customers ensures effectiveness, accuracy, and reliability at the lowest possible cost.

GS1 US states, “Having an effective traceability program in place will help ensure that you meet your customers’ expectations for safe products while also helping you to differentiate your brand in the marketplace.”

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