Food Service Customers Demand More

Re-use the GTIN, GDSN, and 128 Changes Made for Walmart and Others

Margins are thin and competition is fierce in the food service industry. Consumer demands for transparency and product information are stronger. Cutting waste by enhancing efficiencies and improving food safety is top of mind for those in the industry.

The food service supply chain now requires the use of GS1-US standards to meet the goals of improved product information, efficiency, and food safety. The GTIN/GDSN US Standards Initiative is to have all products sold through the food service utilizing GTINs and GS1-128 (UCC128) bar codes as well as the GDSN for accurate and real time product attributes.

Changing the inbound Order (EDI 850) and outbound Shipment Notice (EDI 856) and Invoice (EDI 810) from UPC to GTIN numbers is straight forward. Our Data Communication Solutions’ (DCS) EDI Specialists have the background and expertise to assist you in making these changes quickly and efficiently.

The second good news is that you can move from time wasting portals to automated EDI. DCS adapts your existing EDI system or network; we do not sell networks or systems. Our DCS break fix service requires no monthly minimum. Contact us today for a no-cost assessment on getting started in enhancing your efficiencies!

Note: GS1-US was formerly the Uniform Code Council, the home of the UPC code and other standards. The Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) replaced the UPC number. It has 14 digits. GDSN stands for Global Data Synchronization Network.