The Business Need

Wholesome Sweeteners is a Texas-based producer of sugars, molasses, syrups, stevia, and honey. They had customers who were requesting EDI transactions including purchase orders, invoices, and advance ship notices. They turned to Data Communication Solutions (DCS) for help in setting up BizLink™ EDI to automate their order processes. Specifically, they needed help with their 3PL warehouse processes. DCS EDI Consultant Dawn Stevens handled the project.


The DCS Solution

Automating warehouse documents through EDI streamlines the 3PL operation. This allows a company to save both time and money as employees don’t need to constantly be running the processes manually eliminating errors. These benefits are what drove DCS’ EDI solution for Wholesome.

Prior to DCS’ work, Wholesome relied on paper copies and faxes for all of their documents. DCS set up EDI to streamline their processes and providing faster turnaround. We automated error messages so they could be quickly resolved through email alerts sent out to customer service describing the issue and how to fix it.

Wholesome wanted to keep paper backup copies. To accomplish this, DCS provided them with PowerShell scripts to automatically create printouts of the EDI orders and saved to a folder for easy printing.


The Result

Thanks to DCS’ work, Wholesome is now able to send out warehouse stock transfer shipment advices. This allows them to transfer and stock from one warehouse to another so the goods are available for delivery by each warehouse. Wholesome then receives receipts of the stock so they can verify delivery. This updates their back end with the updated inventory and which warehouse the stock belongs to.

DCS has provided Wholesome with multiple communication solutions, including AS2, VAN, FTP, SMPT, and more. The addition of BizLink software to their company has opened the door for them to control their business flow and needs with ease while utilizing secure communication protocols.

“Dawn has been a driving force behind WSI’s implementation of EDI standards across our distribution network. Her hard work and dedication to getting the relevant parties aligned and meeting tight schedules has been both a blessing and value add to WSI.” – Michael Casey, logistics director at Wholesome

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About the Associate

Dawn Stevens brings over 20 years of EDI experience working in customer support, mapping, data analysis, consulting, and implementation of software. Dawn is well versed in a variety of common operating systems, applications, and hardware with a proven ability to master new tools and technologies quickly. She is an analytical and solutions-oriented EDI Consultant providing client-focused technical support along with system implementation.