Should You Consider Upgrading or Migrating your EDI?

As you evaluate your EDI, investing in the modernization and expansion of your EDI/B2B Integration systems may be on the horizon. There are many considerations that would prompt an upgrading and/or migration.

Some key factors are:

  • New partners
  • New EDI compliance requirements
  • Business growth demanding automation instead of manual processing
  • EDI platform requiring high monthly fees and overhead
  • Operating pressures, such as faster trading partner onboarding
  • Licensing and software product sizing requirements (varies by vendor)

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can assist you in this review process and help improve your operations. But migrating or updating to a new EDI solution is not just about the benefits of the new system. You want to be confident that the migration process is smooth, efficient, and has the support of EDI experts. This is where DCS comes in. We offer practical, proven recommendations that are specific to your needs.

The DCS EDI team has experience migrating clients from many of the leading systems, including:

DCS offers a No Cost Assessment to address the “How do I know what I need – when I need it?” question for a variety of EDI and B2B Integration applications. If your company has any of these topics on your 2018 project list: Integration Infrastructure, Integration System Review, Capacity Plan, or Contingency Analysis; we can help!

DCS can help you develop and execute a deployment and migration plan for you. Contact us today!