DSCO, a company that specializes in Drop Ship automation, is dropping support for SHA-1. As discussed in a previous blog post, SHA-1 has a number of vulnerabilities. Now is a good time to look at updating to a SHA-2 certificate. Most AS2 software with a current patch can provide some sort of SHA-2 certificate. Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can assist you in verifying that your AS2 software is SHA-2 compliant and whether or not you have the current patch or upgrade.

DSCO is giving a lot of lead time prior to their cut off on February 1, 2018. However, this is a hard cutoff, and will not allow room for moving. Our DCS Consultants can work with you and your schedule to ensure that this change can be planned, supported and tested before the Feb 1, 2018 date. Contact us today to learn more.

To learn more about DSCO, visit their website.