The Business Need

Carling Technologies is an international manufacturer whose products include switches, controls, and circuit breakers. They needed to automate their order processes in their United Kingdom office and create new EDIFACT maps. They were overwhelmed with the amount of manual work they faced, resulting in discrepancies and other issues. In order to streamline their processes and reduce errors, Carling turned to Data Communication Solutions (DCS). DCS consultant Dawn Stevens took on the project.


The DCS Solution

 DCS went through many steps in order to achieve Carling’s automation goal. These include:

  • Created EDIFACT maps for several of Carling’s trading partners: Volvo Europe, Renault, and DAF.
  • Designed a two-step mapping process for DELFORs to create both POs and Planning Schedules through the use of date conditions for current vs. future orders.
  • Created PowerShell scripts that read the inbound documents creating personalized emails with header/summary information for each specific document and sent to the correct department within the company.
  • The freedom of the subsidiary in UK to verify document integrity, send documents in BizConnect, and confirm receipt through their VAN.
  • Created PowerShell scripts to rename files according to their location.
  • Removed the need for JavaScript to convert to Julian Dates.
  • Modified all scripts for easy turn around to production.
  • Recreation of all Carling’s JDE maps removing Tag Tables while working with their JDE analyst.


The Result

Thanks to DCS’ work, Carling is able to streamline their systems for maximum efficiency. This gives them the time to focus on adding new customers. Carling’s English subsidiary department has also utilized the automation processes created by DCS giving them the ability to be more independent and confident with their business flow.  DCS will continue to support Carling and work on future maps.

“Carling Technologies has been using DCS for mapping services and EDI consultation since 2013 and we are very pleased with the work that they have provided to us,“ says Pam Hall of Carling. “I have worked with several of the EDI specialists at DCS and find them to be knowledgeable and experienced. EDI specialist Dawn has been able to solve our most challenging EDI issues and has created complex EDIFACT maps for our subsidiary in the UK in a very timely manner. She is knowledgeable, accurate, and reliable. Having someone like Dawn makes my job so much easier.”

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About the Consultant

Dawn Stevens brings over 20 years of EDI experience working in customer support, mapping, data analysis, consulting, and implementation of software.  Dawn is well versed in a variety of common operating systems, applications, and hardware with a proven ability to master new tools and technologies quickly.  She is an analytical and solutions-oriented EDI Specialist providing client-focused technical support along with system implementation.