Amazon to Consolidate Purchase Order Fulfillment Chargebacks

Amazon has announced that it will be merging three related chargebacks. This will help simplify Amazon’s purchase order fulfillment compliance structure. The new chargeback is called PO On-Time Accuracy. Effective September 1, 2017, it will consolidate the PO On-Time Non-Compliance, Excessive Backorder, and Unfilled by Cancel Date chargebacks.

If you work with Amazon, what does this change mean for your organization? You will receive the PO On-Time Accuracy Chargeback if over 10% of your products don’t arrive during the purchase order window. Amazon will cancel the charges, however, if the prior four-week average on-time rate exceeded 90%.

It’s important for your organization to make any needed updates in your Amazon order fulfillment processes prior to September 1. To help you through this process, Data Communication Solutions (DCS) is the resource you can turn to. Thanks to the B2B integration expertise of our experienced consultants, we’ll keep your business running at peak efficiency as this change takes place. To learn more about Amazon’s chargeback merger and how we can help, contact DCS today.