EDI compliance is the ability to send and receive EDI documents in the way that your trading partner requires. Each document must be exchanged with each partner in exactly the format they specify and following all of their business data rules.

Maps are required to translate the EDI documents from the trading partner’s format into the format that is usable by the receiving party. EDI compliance must be tested and approved by each trading partner to ensure their requirements are met.

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can ensure that you are EDI Compliant with your trading partners. We can support both the ANSI X-12 and EDIFACT EDI standards as well as GS1 (standardized XML). ANSI X-12 is the most used standard within the United States, while EDIFACT tends to be more popular outside the United States.

There are two things to remember in regards to being compliant with your trading partners:

  1. Every trading partner has different specifications. No two are alike. Each trading partner’s specifications have to be mapped to business documents and tested. Mapping is further complicated because trading partners do not all use the same version of EDI, nor do they all use the same transaction types.
  2. Every trading partner has different testing procedures. Some will send a test order to begin the process while others will wait for a live order. Some have an informal process with one analyst, others have a strict procedure and several people involved. Still others have a web site for testing.

Ensuring EDI compliance can be a daunting task for managers, especially if you have limited resources. Conducting the required testing to maintain compliance with your trading partners, as well as consistent change often occur such as onboarding new vendors, new test guidelines, review of certifications can add to your already full day-to-day workload. DCS can assist you in working with your trading partners in the following ways:

  • Set up and testing with your EDI customers
  • Mapping and translation of EDI documents into a user friendly format
  • Upgrades to maps as EDI trading partner requirements change
  • Review and monitor your daily processes to ensure transmissions are running smoothly
  • Training and support for all of your users

In today’s current compliance-focused environment there is no room for error. Our DCS EDI Consultants work with you to ensure that your EDI documents including purchase orders (850), advance ship notices (ASNs), and other transactions are compliant so there is no disruption to your business. Contact us today for a no-cost assessment and learn how you can ensure your EDI is running smoothly.