Speed Up Your Logistics with Data Communication Solutions

When it comes to logistics, speed and efficiency are vital to keep your business competitive. A recent Star Tribune article highlights the work of Arthur Valdez, Target’s chief supply chain and logistics officer. Valdez is overseeing an effort to improve Target’s speed, efficiency, and accuracy through a modernization of their warehousing and transportation network. The goal is to get goods to customers faster and reduce out-of-stocks.

When comparing the traditional supply chain for retailers to the more modern system Target is striving for, Valdez uses the imagery of an elephant and a gazelle. The elephant (the old system) moves slowly and carries large amounts of goods at a time. The gazelle, on the other hand, moves smaller amounts of goods quickly, ensuring the right goods get to the right places efficiently.

How can you help your business look more like a gazelle than an elephant? The key is integration. By reducing manual steps throughout the supply chain, you’ll gain speed and efficiency. One example of this is automating the scrutinizing of the price through price lookup (PLU). Another example is downloaded ship-to addresses.

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) is ready to help your business make the leap from elephant to gazelle. For over 25 years, we’ve been helping a wide variety of businesses reach their fullest potential and become self-reliant. We do this through our EDI services, including (but not limited to) development, managed services, and support.

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