The Business Need

United Refrigeration Inc. (URI) is a distributor of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating parts and equipment. They needed basic training on the fundamentals of EDI as a prerequisite for training on how to use their EDI and ERP systems. URI reached out to Data Communication Solutions (DCS) for help. DCS EDI Specialist Jasper Abeyta took on the project.

The Training Challenge

Jasper needed to determine the client’s needs and prepare adequate material for on-site customized training. To this end, he built time into the training for questions and answers and to do live case studies.

The Training Process

Jasper took three steps to prepare for the training:

  1. Interviewed the client to determine their needs.
  2. Established a training agenda based on the needs outlined by URI.
  3. Developed PowerPoint presentations and handouts.

Jasper created three PowerPoint presentations. The first, “Introduction to EDI,” reviewed topics including what EDI is, how it came to be, common transactions, and EDI standards. The second, “Introduction to Standards,” examined the ANSI X12 standard. The third, “Communication Fundamentals,” looked at the details of flow of data, communication protocols, VAN, AS2, FTP, and SMTP.

Below is a screenshot of the “Introduction to EDI” PowerPoint:

The training also included several handouts. One set of handouts examined guidelines and mapping specifications for the purchase order (X12 850). Jasper also showed data segments for various EDI processes. Additional handouts included an explanation of the differences between X12 and EDIFACT, instructions on how to understand Hierarchical Levels (HL’s), and a glossary of terms used in the world of EDI.    

Finally, Jasper trained URI’s staff to use EDI Notepad to assist with troubleshooting. The free version of EDI Notepad is a quick and easy tool to detect errors in an EDI document. It can also translate raw EDI data into a human readable format. URI plans on using both of these functions on a regular basis. 

The Result 

Thanks to DCS’ work, the staff of URI has a far stronger understanding of EDI. The support staff is in a much better position to troubleshoot and resolve issues. This will improve their response time and efficiency. 

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About the Associate 

 Jasper Abeyta returned to DCS in 2014. He previously worked for DCS as an EDI Specialist prior to leaving in 2010 to do mission work in Chile. During that time, Jasper sub-contracted with DCS to work on various EDI projects, mapping and installations. Jasper has a strong background with Oracle and JDE integration projects. He has worked with various industries, including retail, manufacturing, and banking.