With the economy continuing to grow, large customers want their vendors to provide better service at the same low cost.  Exceeding their request means better profit and security.

Savvy CFO’s look at the customers with high transaction counts (frequent small orders), the customers whose prices and discounts are too often wrong, and those ordering many part numbers.  These are the candidates for automation.

The list should be enlightened:

  1. Distributors
  2. 3PL (truckers and warehouses)
  3. Key vendors
  4. Ask those not on the list too.

More companies want to automate due to growth.  They need to cap cost as well. How? By implementing or expanding your EDI, you realize fewer data entry errors with improved invoice accuracy. Less errors means faster cash flow for you. These incremental improvements occur using your existing technology and time proven processes.  The disruption is low and the investment minimal.

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