The Business Need

Best Vendors Management, Inc., based in Minneapolis, is a national leader in managing non-core services for their clients such as vending management, consolidation services, food cart management, office coffee management, and charity collection services.  Best Vendors reached out to Data Communication Solutions (DCS) to upgrade their BizLink systems.  DCS EDI Specialist Dawn Stevens handled the project.

The EDI Challenge

In addition to upgrading Best Vendors’ BizLink system, DCS needed to move the Biz Server to a new server.  Best Vendors also decided to make their network more secure by adding SecureLink.

The DCS Solution

There were three phases to DCS’ process to move Best Vendors’ servers and upgrade BizLink:

  1. The first phase was the copying of the databases and the installation of BizLink on the new server using the existing databases. During this phase, patches were applied and licenses were retrieved by OpenText and applied.  This was the most crucial phase to get BizLink working properly and the copy of the databases running correctly.
  2. The second phase was opening up the firewalls and ports along with testing the AS2.
  3. The third phase was testing and putting BizLink online.

An extra step taken during this process was the addition of SecureLink.  To ensure maximum security, DCS and Best Vendors chose the option of Reverse Proxy using HTTPS with an SSL certificate.  Best Vendors created a DMZ computer that sits between an external and internal firewall.  DMZ stands for “demilitarized zone,” and its purpose is to add an extra layer of security to the organization’s local area network (LAN).  With this setup, the trading partner comes into the system using an HTTPS URL and hands off an SSL certificate (client and server authenticated) to SecureLink on the DMZ.  After this, another port on the internal firewall is opened.  SecureLink relays the message to Biz via AS2 with a signed and encrypted certificate to the BizLink server.

Below illustrates this setup:



The Result

Thanks to DCS’ work, Best Vendors now has a current EDI system with the upgrade of BizLink and now supported by OpenText.  This allows Best Vendors to operate on a more current and clean new server.  More Importantly, Best Vendors’ system is more secure with the addition of SecureLink.  This is thanks to their DMZ computer and two firewalls including use of HTTP/S with SSL certificates.  This feature keeps the Biz and internal computer closed from the internet (inbound) through the use of a relay and reverse proxy, thus closing their internal systems off to any attacks.

DCS can assist you in upgrading your EDI system and can review your processes to make sure they are secure.  Contact us for a free review of your processes and what steps you may want to consider for a better performing system.

About the Associate

Dawn Stevens joined DCS in January 2015.  She brings over 20 years of EDI experience working in customer support, mapping, data analysis, consulting, and implementation of software.  Dawn is well versed in a variety of common operating systems, applications, and hardware with a proven ability to master new tools and technologies quickly.  She is an analytical and solutions-oriented EDI Specialist providing client-focused technical support along with system implementation.