One Stop Vacation Support

It’s that time of the year when companies face lost productivity due to staff taking vacations. But that doesn’t have to be the case!  Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can help! Our remote support service will rapidly put you into production status quickly and efficiently, eliminating costly downtime. Our remote support is also perfect if you have a staffing change, a staff person on a long-term medical leave or an EDI emergency. We are ready to support you!

DCS’ Remote Support provides an EDI Specialist who will:

  1. Log-in to your system remotely using GoToMyPC or WebEx to identify the issue.
  2. Speak with you about the errors you encounter and the solutions you have implemented.
  3. Create a task list with time estimates and priorities that you approve before work begins (your budget is protected because work orders are always required).
  4. As work occurs you are updated.
  5. Follow through with the issue until a solution is found and put in place.

Our EDI Specialists are experienced with most EDI software, EDI VAN (Cloud), AS2, ERP gateways and WMS systems as well as with your key customers’ EDI requirements.

Want to learn more? Contact DCS at (952) 941-5466 or