The Business Need

Link is a company based in Sioux Center, Iowa and Nisku, Alberta.  They manufacture suspensions for commercial vehicles and equipment.  Link needed to create an extended forecast of 12 weeks for their buyers to obtain better pricing and a higher order fill rate.  This would allow them to purchase in bulk and extend their lead times.  Link reached out to Data Communication Solutions (DCS) for help.  The project was handled by DCS Senior EDI Specialist Michelle Matthias.

The EDI Challenge

EDI forecasting is implemented using the 830 Planning Schedule and Release transaction.  The forecasting provides the quantity for each part number to be delivered to the customer weekly.  The part number (weekly combination) is called a “bucket.”  It’s important for a company to have sound forecasting in order to ensure that they produce the level of products that their customers need.  In Link’s case, some customers were sending under 12 weeks of buckets on what they wished to purchase while others were sending over 12 weeks.

The DCS Solution

DCS’ task was to determine how many weeks the customers were sending.  The specialist had to manipulate the input so Link would get 12 weeks no matter how many the customer sent.  The extended forecast was created for five customers.

The Result

Thanks to DCS’ work, Link is now able to make accurate purchasing decisions resulting in better inventory management.  Link’s buyers can now review period-to-date cumulative quantities and shipping or delivery patterns for weekly requirements.  With better inventory management, Link can plan for future customer requirements reducing on-hand inventory and improving their profit margin.

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About the Associate

Michelle Matthias joined DCS in 2011 as an EDI Specialist.  With over a decade of EDI experience, she excels in supporting, developing and implementing EDI systems while establishing relationships both internally and externally.  Michelle has experience with software packages such as Altova Mapforce, eVision, Gentran, Mercator, and Biz.  For ERP systems, she has worked extensively with JD Edwards, Oracle, SAP, Made2Manage, VISUAL, SyteLine, PeopleSoft, and Homegrown systems.  Michelle’s experience also lies in a wide range of industries, including automotive, retail, warehouse, manufacturing, banking, service organizations, and healthcare.