Recently, a team of Data Communication Solutions (DCS) EDI Specialists helped a major manufacturer of consumer products move from a set of custom AS/400 business applications to NetSuite™ and Accellos™ WMS. These products are sited on the cloud, so their Global eXchange Services BizLink™ EDI and AS2 system had to be installed there too. A team of business application, network, and EDI specialists was needed to set-up links to key customers while not disrupting the cloud.

Veterans of a business application migration know the solution is minding the details and yet keeping the bigger picture in view. They also know that clearly identified tasks for each team promotes harmony speeds the process and caps cost. DCS helped due to our set of checklists: details were not missed and likely time estimates were listed. By taking a team approach, our EDI Specialists were able to break down the project into various steps that help to cut costs and ensure that the deadline was met.

Team   Business Application


  • Learn unique processes of customers
  •  Match fields of the new/old apps
  • Approve tests

Team   Server


  • Manage apps
  •  Manage databases
  • Monitor connections

Team   EDI/B2B


  • Analysis
  • Map
  • Scripts

DCS’ NEXT LEVEL™ Conversion Service ensures our knowledge of the detailed steps needed is brought to your conversion. Contact us today to learn more.