Top 5 Disasters and What You Can Do

An aspect of planning is anticipating problems and becoming prepared. In the 201x decade disaster prevention has largely been met by moving to Virtual Machine (VM) servers. However, not all potential disasters have been met by VM.

Today, a disaster can be losing the connection to key customers. The interconnection in the supply chain means that a broken link cuts the Sales Order and other document flow. Incredibly, this disaster can be caused by seemingly trivial actions such as a firewall port being accidentally closed or a security certificate expiring. To avoid this set your AS2 or SFTP utility to alert you when there is no traffic for several hours.

Another disaster: the system slows or stops! Perhaps this was caused by VM memory being reduced. E-Commerce traffic is highly spiky and the spikes are not easily visible. Or, the system’s data base has not been purged. Was auto-archive not configured? Be sure to set an alert when performance appears to be limited by a change in configuration and another when the database is nearing capacity.

EDI value added networks (VANs) have lost maps! Or, more likely, their version management fails, so what used to work now doesn’t work. Then they are slow to repair. Make sure you understand the version control and roll-back policy. If it’s weak, then change the VANs.

At a mundane level, “click throughs” may be broken when paths change. The challenge is learning about the break and preventing unneeded “work arounds”. Have open conversations with staff and make them comfortable in alerting the appropriate person when changes occur.

Lastly, is it a disaster when customer requirements are ignored? When ASN’s are flawed, then chargebacks happen. Review your chargeback reports and determine if EDI is the cause, which will orient you to the solution.

It is inedible that problems will occur, however by taking proactive approaches they can be avoided and minimized. Our DCS EDI Specialists can work with you to put safeguards in place to ensure your EDI runs smoothly. Contact DCS to learn more.