Sears and Kmart Private Brand Carton Labeling for Apparel and Accessories

Effective immediately, vendors who supply Sears and Kmart private brand apparel and accessories are now required to implement a colored carton label.

  • Create and attach a 4” x 4” square label/sticker (minimum size) to each carton using the appropriate colored label stock per the table below.

Product Type

Label Color

Pantone Color #

Label Text

Women’s Apparel


PMS 3945C



Women’s Accessories


PMS 189U



Men’s Apparel


PMS 7461C



Men’s Accessories

Light Blue

PMS 277U



All Children’s


PMB 137C



  • Print the appropriate 2 lines of text on the label as shown in the table above.  The gender and the private brand name are provided on the “wing sheet” and is the same private brand name that is printed on the product’s hang tag.  If you have questions on the private brand name, contact your Sears Holdings buyer or SHGS office.
    • Print all characters in black, bold, upper-case text.  See the example in the below.  (Label/sticker illustration is for example purposes only.  It does not depict the actual minimum label/sticker size and exact label/sticker color.)

    Place the label on the same side of the carton as the GTIN-14 bar code or GS1-128 shipping label (as appropriate). This label tells the address, P.O. number, pieces, and more. It was named the UCC Code 128 label, which is now the GS1-128 SSCC label [serial shipping container code]. The label must not cover any portion of any other bar codes/labels on the carton.


Note:  Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine private brands are exempt from these requirements.  Vendors shipping product for these two private brands should continue to follow the current carton label requirements for the brands.

If you have questions, domestic vendors should send an e-mail to

Your DCS EDI Specialist can offer you additional assistance with your GS1-128 labeling. Call Data Communication Solutions at 952-941-5466 or e-mail us at